Rotary Shantiniketan

Our Enviroment Activities


Eco Ganesha and Gauri Fundraiser

Celebrate Ganeshotsav with Ecological Ganesha and Gauri idols, and support Childrens’ Education at the same time.

The Eco Ganesha idol is 10 inches in height, and the Eco Gauri idol is 4 inches in height. Both are made of Clay & soil mix, mixed with seeds. No chemicals are used in the making. Minimal eco-friendly painting is applied so that it easily disintegrates when soaked in water.

PSN & SVG E-Waste collection Drive

More then half-a-ton of E-Waste was collected across 2 drives

Rotary Shantiniketan Trust Formation

We registered our own trust – “Rotary Bangalore Shantiniketan Charitable Trust” to support the club in executing projects. In the long run, we should be able to get 80G exception and CSR funds, for our service projects.

Rotary Plantation drive fundraiser for our School

We did a fundraiser plantation drive to support our Jyothipura School. Around 200 plants were contributed by PSN residents, and the funds so generated were used to fund part of the metal cupboards to keep the childrens school books and notes.

Eco Ganesha fundraiser

Every year, millions of Ganesha Idols made of POP used to be dumped into lakes, ponds and sea. This POP doesn’t break down easily, and it just pollutes the environment. Our ECO Ganesha is made of soil, clay and seeds. After Ganeshotsav, pouring water on the idol causes the seeds to germinate and beautiful flower plants to grow. This was our first project to raise funds for Education of children. Thanks to the residents of PSN, this was a super successful drive, and we sold off all our inventory much before Ganeshotsav.