Rotary Shantiniketan

Eco Ganesha and Eco Gauri

Celebrate Ganeshotsav with Ecological Ganesha and Gauri idols, and support Childrens' Education at the same time.
The Eco Ganesha idol is 10 inches in height, and Eco Gauri idol is 4 inch in height. Both are made of Clay & soil mix, mixed with seeds.
No chemicals are used in the making. Minimal eco friendly painting is applied so that it easily disintegrates when soaked in water.
For Visarjan soak the idol in a bucket of water and it melts away into soil that can be added to plants. Funds generated from this sale is used to support underprivileged children's education.
Pickup Points : We are a small team and would be grateful if you could collect it from our pickup points. The pickup points and timings would be informed a few days before Ganeshotsav
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Generally, Ganesha idols are made of Plaster of paris which do not dissolve in water, andpollute our lakes after Visarjan. This one is made from clay and soil without any additionalchemicals. So, for Visarjan, you soak the idol in a bucket of water, the idol dissolves anddisintegrates into soil

Yes. It is possible. It will disintegrate into mud and clay which is not harmful to theenvironment

Rotary Shantiniketan will use all collections from this drive to fund underprivilegedChildren’s’ education

Ganesha-10 inches

Gauri-4 inches

No. The picture you see above are of the idols that are ready. So, painting cannot be done.

We are a small team and it would be difficult to deliver. 1 week before Ganeshotsav we willcontact you regarding time and location of pickup. 

It is a small scale manufacturer who makes these idols, and supplies it to us with bulkpacking. So,individual idols wont have any packing.

No, thank you. I do not want.
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